When I Think Of Love

Now I’m not one for soppy movies, you’re more likely to find me binging the latest episodes of “The Punisher” than wasting two hours stuck in some frilly chicflic. And big romantic gestures of grandeur simply aren’t my thing, but sometimes you witness a moment of absoult love in its purest form, and when you do its truly special.

This was my moment, when stuck in a hospital bed (again), I got to share something that 5 years later still touches me. When I think about love I’m instantly transported back to white sheets and oxygen masks, propped up in bed, as the not so alluring aroma of disinfectant lingers in the air. This is an old blog post from another life, but one that is as valid today as it was 5 years ago. With Valentine’s Day unavoidably looming over us tomorrow, it feels like the right time to be repost this special memory.

Hospital kisses and Yoghurt

Every now and then you see something so sweet it needs to be shared. There’s this little old lady she is soo sick in hospital, obviously in pain, finds it hard to eat and can hardly move. She’s had no visitors since early yesterday afternoon so was alone all night. This frail little lady is a fighter, she’s not giving into anything and certainly keeping the nurses on their toes. But her pain is visible and its so hard to watch.

So I was delighted to see that her husband came to visit at lunch. He shuffled in with his stick and smart shirt and the little old lady smiled. It took him 30 minutes to painfully feed her a yoghurt and with every tiny spoonful he kissed her face, or stroked her hair. They must be in their late 80’s and completely in love. They have sat holding hands and chatting since lunch. Somehow the magic of his visit appears to ease her pain, she even manages to smile.

I truly believe they are so lucky to have each other and hope his visit brings her some comfort tonight. I wish her well and pray she can go home soon, evan if it’s just for a short while, as I bet the little old man, with his smart shirt and stick is missing her tramendiously.

Sometimes moments touch you so deeply you know you’ll never forget them. It was only after I posted this that I found out she had Parkinson. Time may not be on their side but that’s how they’ll sit for the time they have left, side by side holding hands.

A year later:

12 months on and I’m still hopeful she made it home, if only for a day, just so they can steal a few more precious, moments together, a few more tiny kisses and maybe even a yoghurt.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

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