In the modern crazy world of social media, dating can be tricky. Internet dating on the other had can be a bloody comical nightmare or, (so I’m told) the start of something truly amazing.

If you’ve been in a long term relationship then its highly possible the selfie crazed dating madness slipped past you, and apps like Bumble, POF, Grinder and Tinder are a complete mystery. There are sites for the naughties, pages for the love hunters and even apps for single parents.

In the past few years, the things I’ve learnt, the sights I’ve seen, and the conversations sparked over coffee and Preosecco, have been enlightening. To keep it all to myself would only be selfish. So now I’m in the midst of a saucy piece of dating fiction. I’ve taken the common themes from this new era and created a story loosely based on something, that may have happened to someone at some time 😉

I cant promise you a beautifully written and magically romantic piece of literature, instead I offer a bloody good giggle and hopefully a little insight in to what its really like to find yourself in 21st century dating.

On a personal note, please dont judge my bad use of grammar too harshly as I am dyslexic. Writing with a disability isn’t easy but I truly believe nothing should hold you back. As much respect as I have for the grammatical geniuses out there, I believe you should write because you love it, have something to say or a story to tell and never be afraid of our imperfections… we all have them.

P.S if you see me in the school playground and have read any of my blog posts, then remember this is FICTION, as I don’t want to get kicked off the P.T.A!

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