From The Top – Catch up with Cat as she bumbles her way through Singledom

Notes from me 😉…. this is the bit where I'll give you the opportunity to catch up with Cat and her story as it unfolds. I'll update with every new ridiculous chapter, so you can enjoy her antics from the get go! Epilogue – The Problem With Selfies She was already in her PJ’s, hair... Continue Reading →

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A romantic past

Such a hopefully and inspiring post about love!

A Dating Dad

At the time of writing, the pheromones from Valentine’s day are still wafting through the air in workplaces and homes across the country. Cards are still on display, chocolates haven’t all been scoffed and roses are looking alive and beautiful before they inevitably fade and rot and leave you with the realisation that you spent £30 on something which lasted a week.

Romance has been in the air. It’s tough being single to think about romance, and how you’ll ever find it within yourself to ever be romantic again. Finding not only someone who will appreciate it, but the strength and desire to be romantic yourself with someone new is all a bit much to consider.

I was thinking about this during a twitter chat organised by the ace Shh!, where one of the questions was around memorable Valentine’s Days. A few tales were told about roses and surprises…

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Mr 911

If you like part 1, just wait for the fallout in part 2 …. seariously hot writing

There are times in our lives, and I’m sure I speak for a lot of people here, where a situation occurs and it knocks you so far off of your feet that at times, you aren’t sure how to process it, let alone deal with your own feelings around it.

This blog post is dedicated to someone called Mr 911 (J). A person that took me so deeply into a situation that when the bubble burst, I felt as though he had died because the grief was so severe.

It’s not been easy to write this post. In fact, even reading through the messages that I so cleverly whatsapped to my best friend 2 years ago, has stirred fear, embarrassment and complete hatred for another individual. The people reading this that know me IRL will say that I am not a hateful person, and the only person that knows the…

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A sea of faces

Incredible relatable post about the Groundhog Day of Online Dating….

A Dating Dad

Groundhog Day is one of the greatest movies of all time. If you don’t accept that then I’m not sure we can be friends. It tells the tale of a guy who is forced to relive the same day over and over and over again, trapped with the same people in the same town doing the same things until, after eight years, eight months and 16 days he eventually breaks the cycle.

It is Bill Murray’s character Phil that I feel like when I swipe on dating apps these days. With a couple of slight variations (which sometimes result in accidental likes when I mean to look at a different picture rather than actually like them), online dating apps involve the same things; look at a face, swipe. Look at a face, swipe. Look at a face, skip through another few pictures, swipe. Over and over and over again.

Faces blur…

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When I Think Of Love

Now I'm not one for soppy movies, you're more likely to find me binging the latest episodes of "The Punisher" than wasting two hours stuck in some frilly chicflic. And big romantic gestures of grandeur simply aren't my thing, but sometimes you witness a moment of absoult love in its purest form, and when you... Continue Reading →

Sneak Peek of What’s to Cum! – Pre-Date Prep – Part 1

Photo by Gratisography on The extensive four-hour ritual began, the one where you attempt to get ready amid the chaos of cooking dinner and plucking eyebrows. “Mummy, what you doing?” It was her youngest, Myke. “Mummy is trying to take off her eyebrows so they look straight and not like caterpillars anymore,” said Myke’s... Continue Reading →

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