Motivation in Isolation – A Parents Survival Guide: The Fun List

Yep it’s here, it may not be 28 Days Later or the Zombie Apocalypse but we find ourselves in a state of national crisis. How you feel about the Coronavirus and the government’s decisions to close schools won’t change the fact that they are, in most part shut… and that means that for the next... Continue Reading →

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How To Get Tech Savvy With The Kids Part 2: Parents in Lockdown Survival Guide

Photo by Jessica Lewis on My last posts giant disclaimer looked at how to get techy with your kids in Lockdown and covered the basics in setting up boundaries and safety hacks. If you want to read up here’s the link. Today I really want to explore the fun stuff and how you... Continue Reading →

Socialisation in Isolation – A Parent’s Survival Guide: The Shopping List, you’re stockpiling the wrong stuff!!!

You’ve stocked up, stockpiled or just brought an extra bag of pasta (admit it we all know you did),. Truthfully everyone brought a little something extra over the past few weeks.  It was impossible not to get caught up in the panic at some level. I hope however you were as sensible as possible and... Continue Reading →

Pre Date Prep – Chapter 15

The extensive four-hour ritual began, the one where you attempt to get ready amid the chaos of cooking dinner and plucking eyebrows. “Mummy, what you doing?” It was her youngest, Myke. “Mummy is trying to take off her eyebrows so they look straight and not like caterpillars anymore,” said Myke’s big sister, Liz. “Thanks darling,... Continue Reading →

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