Socialisation in Isolation – A Parent’s Survival Guide: The Shopping List, you’re stockpiling the wrong stuff!!!

You’ve stocked up, stockpiled or just brought an extra bag of pasta (admit it we all know you did),. Truthfully everyone brought a little something extra over the past few weeks.  It was impossible not to get caught up in the panic at some level. I hope however you were as sensible as possible and did consider people who may not be in a position to prepare for the ‘End of Days’.  

My confession, I got caught up in the hype I did buy an extra bottle of Calpol (but I was running out anyways so it forgivable).

When it comes to stockpiling shopping It’s something I never really worried about, mostly because I’m on a budget, also because I’ve watched enough disaster movies to know that if we all end up in The Night of Living Dead, my neighbours have done the shop for me, I’ll wait till they turn full Zombie, embrace my inner Daryl Dixon and go on a raid. And finally no one is dying for starvation or a lack of bog roll in china or Italy yet.

In all seriousness we may be looking at a several months of isolation and aside from the growing virus concern’s you may also be facing the real panic of WTF to do with the kids.

Knowing the impending doom was imminent and after watching 3 local schools close down I started to prepare for Parenting from the living room, a technique I have years of experience in (I’m not a lazy bugger I just suffer from several chronic conditions). 

I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks on how to stay sane over the coming weeks and would love to hear yours.

If it’s in your budget and you fancy joining me on isolation-based activities here’s a few shopping list suggestions. It doesn’t hurt to be sensible or be prepared and everyone has to manage their own anxieties however PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, TRY AND AVOID PANIC SHOPPING.

With sensible shopping in mind and if you do fancy joining the journey here are the extra bits I’ve added to my basket. I’ll let you know when to tuck into your stash!

The Prep List

  • Extra Popcorn – Make movie nights an occasion: Price £2
  • Cupcake Mix – you can be as extravagant as you like but cooking is a great way to kill a few hours. My cooking is shocking so I’m cheating with premade mix: Price £2. Dont like cake think pizza making kits insted
  • Colouring Pens – FFS check yours are not all dried up and if so, you can grab a pack from Poundland: £1. Think about the other essentials you need in your craft pack.
  • Spa Night – You need this as much as them and it’s a treat, so I’m being extravagant and spending a little more:
    • Face Mask x 3: Price £3
    • Bath Bombs x 2: Price £1 each at Wilkinson’s or go all out and get some from Lush £4/6 each.
    • Bottle of Prosecco (FYI -This is for you not the kids BTW and let’s be honest you deserve it): Price £5 from Lidl or grab your favourite.
    • Total: £10
  • EXTRA – A feck off stash of lego
  • EXTRA – Gardening supplies or window pots if you’re in a flat
  • EXTRA – Start a project and some grab some DIY supplies

Apart from the extras, for a total of £15 you have just given yourself 3 days with an activity, removed the drama of not having the basics and a well deserved something for yourself too.

I welcome you and your family to join me and mine attempting to stay sane in lockdown. I’ll share some tips, trick, things to do on a budget all while keeping it real. Time to be pragmatic parents, having a focus may help with any anxiety you may be feeling

The Rules to Sofa Sock Dodge Ball Coming Soon!

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