How to get the kids to fix up your house!!! Parent’s Survival Guide

We're a month in to this lockdown, you've painted, created, read stories and watched Frozen 2 until your ears bled. Now it’s time to put your kids to work. Let’s be honest, you’ve fed them for years, kept them safe, washed their hands till they turned to sand paper and now it's pay back!!! Of... Continue Reading →

Motivation in Isolation – Parents Survival Guide: How to get Tech savvy with the kids: Part 1

I could probably nag on for about 7 posts on great ways to get Techy with your kids. Soo I’ll try to keep it brief. If you have preenagers like me or a child over the age of a day, you’ll have probably already come to the realisation that they are going up in a... Continue Reading →

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