What The Feck is Online Dating All About?

What the feck is internet dating all about i found myself asking a little over a year ago? The entire concept was a thing that often came up with my mum chums over a few too many glasses of wine and struck a curious fear in to our overly stressed out little souls. So when... Continue Reading →

The Single Boys

Yesterday a late lunch turned into an 11pm late bus home with my sister. We met by the river taking the oppertunity to enjoy a beautiful autum evening, possibly one of the last before winter strikes. It wasn't long before a few friends passed by, then our little mum, and few more chums. The table... Continue Reading →

Cougars In a Bar 

Last night we ended up sharing a table with a couple of lovely mature single women, we got chatting and the drinks had been flowing, and resulted in a really honest chat about being older in the new dating wrold.  Firstly i would like establish what a Cougar is, it is a lady older than... Continue Reading →

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