Chapter 13 – When The Tears Come

Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas on Cat burst from her office, fighting back the tears already glossing her eyes, ready to cry. In the same moment she careened into Chrissy swigging back a big gulp from her coffee cup which inevitably flew away from her, splashing its contents all over the reception desk. Chrissy... Continue Reading →

CHAPTER 12 – Is A Kiss So Wrong?

Immediately the jovial atmosphere created by Chrissy’s amusing inquisition was shattered by the clunk of the door as it swung shut, cutting off Cat’s blood flow in the process and sapping all the oxygen out of the room. Tony backed up against the wall, obviously flustered with the morning’s antics until he noticed Cat watching... Continue Reading →

CHAPTER 10 – More Than a Work Flirt

It was one of those fresh, crisp autumn mornings and the day perfectly mirrored Cat’s positive outlook. She assumed it must have had something to do with the effortless school run and the possibility of another amusing exchange with Nick—if he ever messaged her again. Fortunately, her futile attempts at selfies hadn’t completely destroyed the... Continue Reading →

CHAPTER 6 – Finally, a Reply!

Notes from me... Those first few messages when you finally get chatting to someone from the online world are a bloody nightmare. There appears to be no way to avoid the painful first attempts at bad banter. Here's how Cat tussles with the excruciating experience.... Home at last from her exasperating experience attempting to explain... Continue Reading →

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