A Heated Exchange – The Shape of Things to Cum!

*This chapter is a little on the naughty side, don’t say I didn’t warn you!*

Chapter 17

Outside, Nick whipped out a pack of smokes from his back pocket and offered her one along with his lighter. Cat, gratefully, pushed the cigarette between her lips, lit the end and inhaled. Every cigarette tasted like nostalgia; years gone by of naughty indulgence. Hardly a word between them was spoken as they smoked, yet, were standing close enough to be touching. Fuck, she wanted to touch him. Deep down, she knew this man’s intensions were equal. Fortunately, it was quiet outside, only a few scattered bodies; anyone left was involved in their phone or each other. It wasn’t exactly private but Cat no longer cared. The way Nick’s eyes had been devouring her for the past few minutes made her internal body twitch with lustful desire.

She moved in closer, pushing her curves against his solid frame and whispered, “I think you should kiss me now.”

That was all the invitation Nick needed before his arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her in. He flicked the remainder of his cigarette carelessly over the decking, freeing his hand to toy with her hair. And then, the moment she’d been desperate for… their lips met. Deliciously light and delicate to start, then firmer. He pulled away, gazing, questioning, but the brief pause lasted moments before his mouth was back with hers; harder, more determined. With his head angled perfectly to one side, Nick forced his tongue into her open mouth. Fuck, he tasted good; a pleasing combination of Tabaco, laced with Tequila and finished with a dash of something naughty. The pace was slow and smooth while their tongues played, allowing Cat to rediscover the intoxicating bliss of a warm wet mouth.    

The already passionate kiss was heating up and, embarrassingly causing their teeth clashed. With a giggle she pulled away but Nick had other ideas. His hand gripped the back of her neck, tugging her hungrily in for more. His craving only excited Cat, as she because increasing aware of her firming nipples as they brushed the inside of her bra. It had been far too long since anyone had kissed her this way, with absolute certainty and passion. Her entire body was on fire with the yearning for something deeper.

Nick’s lips left hers as he pulled lightly at her flowing hair, guiding her head back and exposing her neck. Next began a journey of teasing kisses across her throat, slowly building as he nibbled and sucked her flesh. Fuck, this felt incredible. But it was turning in to the kind of kiss meant for the bedroom, not a pub garden. Nick must have sensed the building heat between them; his hand left her waist and took hold of her palm. To one side of the decking was the staff entrance. It was a small alley leading to the back of the bar. He turned, her hand still in his, to take her somewhere darker, away from the probability of prying eyes. Cat knew this was about to become one of those bad decisions. And though it was a first date, her body hadn’t felt this much explosive passion in years. By god, she wanted more.

No one noticed as the pair moved a few feet into the dark, amongst the beer crates and discarded boxes. With the grace of a ravenous Viking, crates tumbled to the floor as Cat found herself pinned against the wall. Their eyes met briefly before their lips did. Cat was aching to feast on him again. She wasn’t disappointed as Nick parted her lips once more as she welcomed his eager, exploring tongue. His solid torso wedged her against the filthy wall. She felt his excitement growing as his cock hardened under those skinny jeans. She wanted to touch it, to stroke it, but was that too much? Too forward?

His hands grabbed at hers, raising them over her head and pinning them to the brickwork. Fuck. If this didn’t slow down she was going to end up screwing him right there in that back alley; on their first date… Whether it was the alcohol or the expert use of his mouth, all Cat knew in that moment was that she wanted this man. Fuck, she needed him. Her eyes rolled and an unexpected gasp escaped her lips. Shocked at hearing the release of tension, she was losing the battle of common sense and logic. This beast of a man had her wet with wanting.

He released one of his has hands, lightly brushing her cheek before stroking his fingers across her body, finding her breast. His firm hand squeezed and caressed her chest before slipping it inside her vest and underneath her white lace bra. She didn’t stop him; she kissed him harder. Nick teased her pert nipples now, tickling them with his thumb. Again, his mouth left hers to make that longingly familiar journey across her neck… only, this time it didn’t stop. He looked at her briefly, waiting for approval. Cat instantly nodded. Now both hands were on her body as he simultaneously lifted her top with one hand and single-handedly unclipped her bra with the other. This man was a pro and she loved it. Cat leaned back against the cold stone, her breast exposed and her eyes closed. The thrill of knowing they could be caught at any moment intensified every sensation. 

He kissed her hard nipples as his hand cupped her breasts; massaging them, stimulating them… he started sucking. The sensation made her body twitch and, again, she moaned. His hand was back on her face, now; thumb, lightly stroking her mouth. Cat accepted his offering, sucking his finger but wishing it was something else… Moments passed before their tongues were entwined, tangled in a frenzy of warm, wet lust. But now she needed to feel him and as his hands fondled her breasts, hers reached for his very firm erection.

The cock beneath his jeans was stiff and ripe under the pressure of Cat’s hand, rubbing across the denim. It was enough to throw Nick off pace for a moment, caught up in his own pleasure. Her fingers reaching the leather strap belt, kicking his senses back into action. His hand slipped, slowly, under her skirt. Fuck… she wished she‘d chosen the bloody stockings. Instead, Nick had to battle his way through tights and lace panties to get to her warm, soaked pussy. She was still fumbling with his belt when his expert fingers found her tingling clit. He played, relieving enough pressure to make her lose concentration. He was as skilled with his hands as he was his mouth. How was she ever going to figure out his fucking belt buckle, one-handed, with this kind of distraction?

It was no use. She gave up the frustrated fumbling, completely caught up in the movements of his master touch. His finger left her clit in search of her opening. She could feel her own dampness as his fingers glided between her thighs. There was no disguising what this guy was doing to her body… And then…

His fingers were inside; pumping, circling, pleasing. He reached for her hand, pulling it towards his now open trousers—so caught up in lustful desire was she, she’d failed to noticed he’d rather considerately undone his belt. Seriously, how did he… when…? She marvelled at Nick’s wizardry. Her hand slid eagerly between his legs… and, gasping deeply, she finally felt his thick cock, the tip wet with precum. He was clearly equally enjoying the heated exchange.

With his head rested on her shoulder, his warm breath tickling her bare chest, Cat’s thumb circled the tip on his dribbling dick. Carefully, she reached in lower, taking a firm grip steadily building up a rhythm. His breath was fast, panting as the shaft of his cock twitched in her palm. He was going to cum soon, and so was she. Unable to contain the whimpering escaping her lips, Nick was quick to react, filling her mouth with a forceful tongue. 

She couldn’t breathe, panting with confusion; her desire to please and play denied by the distraction of Nick’s fingers. He pulled her in hard. She felt dizzy, everything around her blurred. Breathless and trembling she closed her eyes while her helpless body succumbed to losing all control. In that moment, there was nothing else. all she could hear, taste and feel was Nick. She moaned shaking, her senses exploding into utter euphoria. His fingers deep inside her now, she could resist no longer—her whole body erupted in pure primal bliss. A sigh of exhilaration and relief escaped her as every muscle tensed during those final moments of climax.

Her fingers still lightly clutched Nick’s hammerhead hard-on and now he was the one panting, completely turned on by her excitement… It was her turn to satisfy him. Cat wanted to—needed to—know his pleasure was equal to hers. His throbbing penis pulsed in her palm as she stroked. His lips were on hers, his breath hot in her mouth as he ex-hailed; her hand gained momentum and he whimpered in her ear. Air caught in his throat while his body stiffened with every stroke, uncontrollably gripping her so tightly that she feared she might pass out at any moment. 

Finally, Nick’s pulsating cock exploded in her hand. Cat slowed her pace as the last few drops of cum released. Slowly his suffocating grip loosened as they fell into each other. Kissing gently as their heads came to rest in harmony. Cupped her face as he kissed her Nick tried to whispered. 

“Fuuuuck , Cat…” was all he could manage.

The pair gazed at each other again, as the realisation of their situation came back in to focus; as much as she wanted to stay there and indulge in her first orgasm for an exceptionally long time, the back ally of this local bar was not the place to be caught exposed. In an awkward exchange of giggles and disbelief, they composed themselves.

Nick took out two cigarettes and, without offering—he knew she’d want a smoke after that—handed one to a slightly dazed, still panting, red-faced Cat. Perching on an empty crate, he sighed deeply. “Now I could definitely use that other shot…”

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