Welcome All,

I’m so please that there’s a few of you to join me next week for #Thursdateless, a new dating TweetChat,

If you haven’t been involved in a TweetChat before then you’ll be please to know the rules are simples…

First rule of #Thursdateless is NOT “Don’t talk about #Thursdateless” in fact I encourage you to like, invite share and join in the fun, the more of us the better the banter will be.

What is a TweetChat / TwitterChat:

It’s an opportunity for a group of like-minded people to get together at a designated time to discuss a topic, network or simply just meet new people, all done from the comfort of your sofa. The usual process is for there to be a host or number of hosts who guide and steer the conversation throughout the hour. The secret is to use a selected set of hashtags making it easy for people to follow the Thread, I’m going with #Thursdateless, why you may ask? … because it runs on a Thursday and I’m dateless that week. I’ll run next week but honestly I’m not precious about hosting or the format, so if you fancy co-hosting the next one, have a pressing dating related question or idea you would like to see covered please DM me.

How it works:

The host will post a selection of questions for discussion normally running for about an hour, anyone that wants to can get involved. I only asked that we treat this like any other social event, please come armed with your sense of humour however try to be as respectful as possible. Each new question will start a new thread and the host will notify you when a new topic is about to be posted. You get the choice to carry on the conversation already sparked by the previous questions or join in with the new one.

@8.15pm for #Thursdateless, I’ll asked who’s around and it’s a great time to introduce yourself, let us know who you are, how you are, or use a picture/GIF of what you’re up to. (BTW this is not an invitations for dick pics or the ladies equivalent, keep those kind of shenanigans for POF)!

8.30pm the Host (that’s me this week), will post the first question and then a new one every 15 minutes, so keep an eye on the Hosts feed. 8.30pm seems like a good time, any parents can get their kids to bed (hopefully) and the rest of you can grab a beer turn off your dating app, switch off Netflix and join in the fun.

9.30 the Host wraps up with the last question, but feel free to continue any of the chats you are involved in. It just means that the Hosts job is done for the night and they get to chill out with the rest of you, catch up on any missed questions or hide under the duvet pending on how the event goes.

One thing I would like to add is a space at the end for any bloggers to add their favourite or newest scribblings, this give bloggers a chance to share their work and a great place for people to search and find new content – #Thursdatelessblog. Please don’t feel you need to have been involved in the TweetChat to share your stories, I’ve been searching for ages for the best place to find dating related posts but unfortunately the dating scene content appears to be scattered. This just feels like a really great way to channel everyone’s efforts and an opportunity to get some constructive positive feedback on their writing.

Final note, please avoid naming and shaming, any picture of people or use of names will be deleted. This is supposed to be fun and I will do my best to keep it that way.

So I’m looking forward to seeing you all next week and if you have any questions give me a shout!!

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