The Single Boys

Yesterday a late lunch turned into an 11pm late bus home with my sister. We met by the river taking the oppertunity to enjoy a beautiful autum evening, possibly one of the last before winter strikes. It wasn’t long before a few friends passed by, then our little mum, and few more chums. The table went from 2 to 10 and the bottles were flowing. 
Everyone other then me were in long term relationships, but the moment my sister blurted out i’d  been internet dating, the conversational tone turned to something a little more saucy. Espically when i showed them a screenshot of a Sub in a cock clamp. Between squeels of laughter, they simply couldnt believe just how brazen the guys on these apps are, and from what I hear the ladies are just as bad.

Anyone in a long term relationship may have possibly missed how the internet dating sceen has changed thanks to apps. Years ago you signed up to a website and for the most part it was because you genuinely wanted to meet someone, get to know them and make a connection. Now you have a 4 hour window, or 24 hours if they lucked out last night. 

However if you are prepeared to sieve through the boaring “hi” messages from the guys who are just chancing their arm, occasionally you bump in to someone who sparks your interest. Ive had some totally awsome chats with guys, and i love a bit of cheeky banter, but for me that has to be built up gradually. Messages like “Do you have Skype so i can show my big hard cock” just isnt the best opener… save that for at least the second message 😉…. (im joking by the way) 

So we moved from the comforts of the pub, to a bar for some cocktail. We lost mum by this point but we can forgive her at 70 for flaking early. I sat watching a young couple on their first date. You may ask how i know they had only just met? I know because she sat there attempting to eat a bloody sandwich with a knife and folk. I wanted to tap her on the shoulder and explain that her date is going to think she’s completely bonkers. She would have done better to grab the mayo bottle and get dirty dunking away. 

God knows how but eventually we found ourselves in O’Neills. After being dribbled on by a very hot but very drunk bloke attempting to by me a drink, we hid in the nearest booth currently occupied by 3 young students. I have to say they were lovely, really nice company. My sister told them to watch what the said incase it ended up on my blog. The boys thought it was brilliant espically as 2 of them are aspiring  writers. We gossiped about traction and content hosting but eventually the conversation turned back to internet dating. 

I was surprised to hear that like the Cougars, (yesterdays blog) they struggle to meet anyone of real interest on these sites. Their preference was to actually go out and “hope for the best”. They wanted to meet someone, a real person that they could “hit it off with”. The Cougars dismissed online dating, and yet the youngsters were slightly intimidated by the whole thing. We spent an hour chatting to these lovely chaps, they were genuinely nice guys and i wish them all wonderful futures. But 11pm hit and I was ready for bed, the previous night was a 3amer😣

The young bloke on the seat behind me was out cold, his kabab spilled all over his expensive jeans, I couldnt help but wonder if his mum was going to scrub them later. So as i sat there listening to him snore I stared to think about the similarity between the Cougars and the Students. Different sexes, vast age range but both agree that making a connection in person is by far more appeling than a 4 hour internet deadline!

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