Its A Crazy New World To Be Dating in!

In the modern crazy world of gadgets and social media dating can be tricky, Internet dating on the other had can be a bloody comical nightmare or, (so I’m told) the start of something truly amazing.

If like me you have been in a long term relationship then its highly possible the selfie crazed maddens slipped past you. POF,PMF,Grinder and Tinder were a complete mystery, there are sites for the naughties, pages for the love hunters and even apps for single parents.

In the past few months, the things I’ve learnt, the sights I’ve seen, and the conversations my antics sparked over coffee and Preosecco, have been bloody brilliant. To keep it all to myself would only be selfish. So now I’m in the midst of a saucy piece of fiction, inspired by the escapes of a Friday night stuck on the sofa with only my fingers for company… and I’m talking about typing you cheeky buggers … LOL!

If you want to ready something beautiful written and magically romantic, please turn over now. I can only promise a bloody good laugh and hopefully a little something to get you going, or keep you company when your home alone.

If you are a critic and want to discuss narrative, lack of characters develop my unnecessary use of bad language, and incredibly bad grammar can I thank you for reading and ever so politely ask you to DO ONE!

P.S if you see me in the school playground remember this is FICTION, as I don’t want to get kicked off the P.T.A!

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