Sitting with a little something fizzy!

My best work always seems to be after 10pm, I’m currently sitting here with a little something fizzy. Wish I could say it was a sophisticated glass of Bubbly, however the truth is I’m rocking it in comfy PJ’s, fluffy socks and bottle of fruity cider from Lidle. Thats how I roll these day…

Currently doing my best to create a stunning website but it could take a while… because its boring, and I’m constantly being distracted by the buzz in my pocket. So far this evening I’ve be asked for a threesome, sent a photo of a guy in gimp gear and several dull messages that all say variation of “Hi”! Boy honestly if you want a response, no matter how pretty you are put some sodding effort in!

I’m about to post a little snip-it from the book I’m writing, but might not post again for bit. Sorry, I’ve a social media profile to build. Details to follow.

I’ll leave you with a little blog about Kinky Fantasies I’ve just been reading thanks SOPHIE KREITZBERG for posting and for all your girlfriend for being soo desirable honest. xx

@ for sharing the insight

P.S, I cant get the sodding HTML links to attach so you’ll have to cut and past. Bloody Phone!!!

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